SF4 · Nothing Can Stop Me


Now it's serious

This masterclass is still in development, since it asks for several different contents to be correctly combined and administered. We’re looking for the best, but meanwhile for the simplest way to give to the attendees the largest freedom they can get from digital technology to render an idea for a story, starting from the character development. We wish for the students both scenario and design knowledge, ‘cause scenario is story design as well as character design is a way to deliver a story.

In principle we’ll combine the following topics and activities, alternating them during the daily lessons:


  • Advanced character development (psychology, backstory, gestures characterisation)
  • Advanced anatomy for artists
  • Character design

  • Modeling and topology principles
  • Using an auto rigger for Maya to create a low def character


  • Fine acting shots exercises about personality
  • Drawing workshop about anatomy and design

  • Modeling exercises
  • Rigging exercises


  • The students will work on the pre production for a bunch of characters from a Singin’Flower ® Long Story Project

  • 4 weeks of masterclass

    (160 HOURS > 20 DAYS)

    Description Hours %
    Workshop 58,5 73.1
    Theory 8,5 10.6
    Exercises 13 16.3

    Project crew

    We will develop together an animated picture, a short story or a part of a long story. You can choose one and we can move on the next step. Each one of you - who wish it - will be listed in the video credits and also in the crew page with a link to his own profile (resume, linkedin, blog, etc.)

    · Cover image: (CC) Mery Project | meryproject.com ·